My Suzuki Swift received a carbon clean last week, prior to this service my vehicle was very sluggish and lacked power as I do a lot of stop and go driving.
As I started to drive my vehicle after the carbon clean not only could I feel the difference in the power straight away, I went home and said to my father feels like I just purchased a new car. I am very thankful for this service.
Many Thanks


Ashlee Duffin

As you may have recently read, Speedshow was offered the opportunity to enter the Targa Rotorua Targa Tour and we said yes.

You may re-call our biggest decision at the time was which car to use - the John Cooper Works Mini or the mighty Mustang Roush Special. Well we have chosen the Mini!

That said, despite a damn good recent tune-up the Mini has continued to perform rather sluggishly and running a bit rough. We know that this particular N14 motor is notorious for carbon build-up, so we contacted the team at Carbon Cleaning NZ.

Carbon Cleaning NZ is a division of Hometune NZ Ltd who offer a Hydrogen Engine Carbon Clean. To explain Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning in a simplistic way, it is a detox for your engine, and man does it work well!

After Grant had completed the 1 hour long process, the results were instantly apparent before we even drove the car - idling was now a lot smoother and constant. However, out on the road is were the most noticeable gains were made. The car now pulls very strongly from idle and gone is the sluggish, spluttering performance - Targa NZ Tour here we come!