Mobile Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning

A solution to keep your engine clean

With the Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Service, you can extend the life of your engine without the need to replace expensive parts.

Only $229.00 incl

Preventative engine cleaning

Enables you to restore engine parts rather than replacing them, thereby saving vehicle owners on costly parts, such as a new turbocharger, catalytic converter, EGR Valve, Map Sensor, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) & Spark Plugs.

Do you have any of these problems?

Engine light on?

Does your car have a lack of performance?

Does your car have a misfire?

Does your car have a rough idle, stall or cut out?

Do you want to improve your fuel consumption?

Excessive smoke from the exhaust?

Keep your engine clean

Have your engine cleaned once a year or 10,000kms whichever comes first & feel the benefits.  This will help restore engine performance, improve idle &  will also clean  your cars catalytic converter, spark plugs, EGR valves, intake manifolds, injectors, valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) turbo chargers &  clean carbon build up Dirty Spark Plugs Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter – also known as DPF fault.


Benefits of Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning

Eliminates carbon build up from petrol and diesel engines

Restores engine performance & improves power

Improves your car idle

Improves intermittent acceleration and reduces engine noise

Improves fuel consumption

Reduces exhaust fumes

Increases engine lifespan

Prevents wear of expensive engine parts

Keep your engine clean and restore the performance

Our customers have had great results with this and they feel the difference straight away, this has avoided some expensive repairs.